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Hord Coat of Arms
Hord Coat of Arms and Crest from
James Wolf Heraldry

"Now Moses and Aaron and the chosen leaders called together the whole community of Israel on that very day. All the people were registered according to their ancestry by their clans and families." —Numbers 1:17,18

"A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered with pride by remote descendants." —Lord MaCauley

"He alone deserves to be remembered by his children who treasures up and preserves the memory of his fathers." —Edmund Burke

Welcome to all who are looking for genealogy tools and especially those researching the Hord family.

Where possible, I have identified the areas where I am seeking some help. If you can help me or help others with information on the Hord family, please share your expertise. Send me an to let me know what information you have. Thanks. Some of the links will take you away from my pages so be sure to bookmark here before leaving.

Info on: My Branch
All Branches
My Efforts to Publish the Hord books at this Site
Genealogy Tools

To the best of my knowledge, all the data on these pages is public domain. If you see something that you think is protected, please let me know.

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Mark and Maggie Hord, 1983 in Kansas City
Us, 1983
My Branch of the Hord Family

Some links specific to my branch of the Hord family. Some of these are external links so please bookmark this page before leaving.

After checking it out, use the cousins calculator in the tools section to find out how we might be related and let me know.

A summary of my branch from Elias of Mason County Kentucky to me. Elias of Kentucky to Me
A letter written by one of my ancestors that gives a wonderful account of the family coming to Missouri from Kentucky. Going West
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Genealogy Information for All Branches of the Hord Family

Here are some links to information pertinent to all branches of the family. Please help me especially track down veterans for special note.

How do I fit in? I have been adding to my Rootsweb worldconnect tree from time to time trying to add all the Hord family members I find in one big monster family tree. You may want to browse that tree to see how we might be related or just to see what I might have found about your branch of the tree. My WorldConnect Tree
Is there a family resemblance? Try this random Hord family photo and see. Each reload of the page displays a new photo. Random Hord Family Photo
If you are new to the genealogy business/hobby and are interested in the Hord family, you will want a copy of this sometimes difficult to find book. The Genealogy of the Hord Family by Rev. Arnold Hord as well as the supplement to that book that Rev. Hord published in the early 20th century. Books on Demand is one source that currently carries the first book. Higginson Books carried it at one time. There are some other rare or out-of-print book sites that carry the books and those are provided here as well. If anybody can tell me where else it might be found, I would appreciate it very much. If anybody has a copy that I could scan in and post at this website, that would be even better (I believe it is public domain, if not, let me know that too). My ultimate goal would be to format it in a manner that will make it hyper-linked so that the numbered names will take one back to the origin of that individual and have additional links that go to family webpages with further information. My efforts so far to publish the books on the Hord family genealogy are listed below. Books On Demand
Higginson Books
This looks to be like most of the info in Rev. Hord's books on the Hord family. Christine's Descendants of Henry de Hord
There seem to be a great number of Hord cousins interested in genealogy and so there is always help available. I have made some good friends during my searches and one good place to meet them all is at one of the discussion groups. GenForum (Genealogy.com) Hord Genealogy Forum Hord Message Board at Ancestry.com
Early American Hords of note before the War for Southron Independence. Patriots and Ante-Bellum
Hords of note after Mr. Lincoln's War. Post-Bellum
Confederate veterans. Rebels
Union veterans. Yankees
Veterans and draft registrations of both World Wars. World Wars
Tidbits I have found while researching my Missouri roots. If you can identify any of these folks as yours, I'd like to know about it so I can add that information. Missouri Hords
My branch migrated from eastern Kentucky to Missouri so I have concentrated on that area. I will be happy to add any further information you might send. Kentucky Hords
Good days to fly the flag in memory of these veterans. Let me know if you have some to add. Veteran Flag Days
As I research I often run into a lot of questions for myself and from others. If I cannot answer, I'll try to post the questions here. See if you can help recognize any of the photographs or answer queries and please let me know. Thanks. Please Help
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English history of the Hord family of Virginia, with supplementary data Author: Hord, Arnold Harris, b. 1867. Publication: [n.p.] 1940
Hord Family Books Online!
Here is a summary of efforts to provide the Hord family geneaology books online. If you are aware of others that are public domain, please share that information and I can add them to my "seeking" list. If you can help in any of this effort, please let me know.
Book InformationOnline FormNotes
Genealogy of the Hord family Author: Hord, Arnold Harris, b. 1867. Publication: Philadelphia : J.B Lippincott, 1898 PDF Also have a microfiche (24:1) copy and seeking the most cost-effective way to get it into electronic text form for web publication.
Hord Lineage to Henry de Hord author, unknown but probably Arnold Harris Hord (b. 1867). HTML Looks like the info in the Rev. Hord books consolidated into a single file for the genealogy line back to Henry de Hord of the 12th century. Thanks to Dianna Strainic for providing this document in a form easy to post.
The Hord family of Virginia; a supplement to the Genealogy of the Hord family, Author: Hord, Arnold Harris, b. 1867. Publication: [Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach] 1915 PDF (Large File) Rather large (slow to download) and not text-searchable. Slowly converting to HTML.
Thomas Hord, gentleman born in England, 1701, died in Virginia, 1766 : a supplement to the Genealogy of the Hord family Author: Hord, Arnold Harris, b. 1867.; Hord, Arnold Harris, Publication: [S.l. : s.n.], 1903 Kindle Scanned from library book but needs some additional formatting when time permits.
History of the Hord family Author: Hord, Robert.; Hord, Arnold Harris, Publication: [s.l. : s.n.] 1919 NONE Seeking in any form.
NONE Seeking in any form.
English ancestry of the Hord family of Virginia : with supplementary data Author: Hord, Arnold Harris, 1867- Publication: [Philadelphia? : s.n., 1941 NONE Seeking in any form.
The Genealogy of the Hord family by Robert Hord. Published in 1838. NONE Seeking in any form.
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Genealogy Tools
Cyndi's list. If you have not visited there yet, do so now. This is probably the most exhaustive list of genealogy resources available. Cyndis List
Ancestry.com is where I got started and it was quite helpful. Ancestry.com Search 600 Million Names at Ancestry.com!
This tool is great for building your family tree and creating the GEDCOM file. It also has tools for creating webpages that make it easy to browse your family tree. And, there is a free version! GenoPro Tool
Another great place to start. Surname.org
Genealogy's Most Wanted is packed with information. GMW

If you have a Hord ancestor common with me, try the cousins calculator to find out how we are related. Try the links to some great tools that can help you with your own genealogy research.

Here is a quick summary of my praternal lineage as a reference:

[6]Francis Triplett,
[7]Francis Thornton,
[8]Forrest Thornton,
[9]John Thornton,

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